MDN Hack Day, Bs As 2012

MDN Hack Day, Bs As 2012 - Sponsored by BlueVia

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MDN Hack Day es un evento orientado a desarrolladores y organizado por Mozilla.

Abriremos con charlas brindadas por desarrolladores de Mozilla sobre algunos de los principales proyectos en los que trabajan. Te daremos una idea de qué significa la red de desarrolladores de Mozilla (MDN) y tendrás espacio para realizar preguntas y recibir ayuda. Para la hora del almuerzo tendrás un buen conocimiento sobre:

  • Aplicaciones de HTML5
  • Firefox Mobile & B2G (Boot to Gecko)
  • Complementos de Firefox y herramientas de desarrolladores
  • Identidad y Persona

En la tarde, será el momento de usar tu notebook, agruparse con otros participantes y trabajar en un proyecto. Si tienes alguna pregunta, estaremos disponibles para ayudarte. El equipo está formado por: Robert Nyman (@robertnyman), Shezmeen Prasad, Havi Hoffman (@freshelectrons), Shane Caraveo (@mixedpuppy), Dan Mills (@thunder) y Hernán Colmeiro (@peregrinogris).


08:00: Coffee & Registration
08:45: Opening Remarks
09:00: Talks ( 25 minutes each plus Q&A )
09:30: Robert Nyman - Apps
09:30: Kevin Dangoor - Devtools
10:00: Dan Mills - Persona
10:30: Break!
10:45: Andres Leonardo: BlueVia HTML5 Apps and payment apis
11:15: Shane Caraveo: Privacy *or* Social
11:45: Hernan Colmeiro: Add-on SDK, what is it? How do I help?
12:15: Included Lunch & Project Idea Proposals
13:00: Hacks/Hackers Presentation / Demos
13:30: Project Hacking
17:00: Wind-Down, Beer, Project Demos / Lightning talks
18:00: Optional Dinner & Drinks
19:30: MozCamp Welcome Party for Core Contributor


Topic: Add-on SDK, what is it? How do I help? (
Speaker: Hernan Colmeiro
Description: This talk will give an overview about how to develop addons with the  AddonSDK, and how that same knowledge can be used to contribute back to the SDK itself

Topic: JavaScript APIs - The web is the platform
Speaker: Robert Nyman
Description: JavaScript is out there everywhere, and with the advent of HTML5, Boot  to Gecko, WebAPI and more, we get more and more options. The web is  proving itself to be a truly powerful platform with all new APIs! This  talk will go through a number of them and show you what's possible.

Topic: How to make passwords on your site a thing of the past
Speaker: Dan Mills
Description: Learn all about Mozilla Persona and what an identity system for the Web means to you. With Persona you can quickly add sign-in functionality to your site which users will love and doesn't require any passwords for your site, while remaining safe and privacy-respecting. We'll go over the high-level: what the system is, how it works for users, as well as dive deeper: peek at the code and see how easy it is to add to your site.

Topic: Going Social - new Social APIs in the browser
Speaker: Shane Caraveo
Description: Imagine  a world where a users favorite websites are integrated  into their user  agent, becoming a continuous part of their web  experience. If that  were your website, what more could you do? The  apparent boundaries  between Desktop and the Web, Browser and Content,  are slowly fading  away as new techniques and technologies make the web  more capable. In  Mozilla we’ve experimented with a number of ideas  around creating  closer ties between the web and your user agent. Some  projects, such as  Browser ID and Web Apps are already making their way  into production.  We also have a number of new projects still in early  stages, such as  our new Social API, Device/Web APIs built for Boot to  Gecko (B2G), Web  Activities and similar APIs such as Web Intents. These  new APIs for the  web will allow websites to do more with less while  enhancing user  experience, privacy and security.  While I’ll touch  briefly on most of  these new APIs I'll primarily focus on showing the  new Social APIs and  Web Activities, and show how you can start to use  and experiment with  some of these new technologies.

Topic: Getting a handle on privacy and security
Speaker: Shane Caraveo
Description: When  was the last time you read a Privacy Policy, or looked at  self-signed  certs in the browser? How about cookie management? I bet  you have  awesome passwords! Lets face it, the browser does little to  help the  normal user in understanding and managing their privacy and  security.  This talk explores some of those issues, looks at projects  Mozilla is  working on in the area, and hopes to get developers and user  experience  people engaged in improving the usability of privacy and  security in  the browser.

Topic: WebDev at Mozilla
Speaker: Ricky Rosario
Description: An overview of webdev projects at Mozilla (the sites, some metrics, the stack) and how to get involved. Mozilla's websites are all developed in the open. Contributors can get  involved working directly on the sites or on the underlying libraries  that are shared and used by many other sites outside of Mozilla (or by just using our libraries and reporting issues).

Topic: BlueVia developers program: platform and initiatives
Speaker: Andres Leonardo Martinez Ortiz (BlueVia)
Description: BlueVia is the  developers program in Telefonica.  It offers a mobile payments and a  networks as a service platforms for  developers in Chile, Colombia,  Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, UK, Germany  and Spain. As part of Telefonica  Digital, BlueVia supports as well initiatives such as Wayra or  recently, the Open Web Device.